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Emerging Conceptions of Effective K-12-Higher Education Partnerships


"As a Math and Science Partnership, NCOSP is committed to designing a partnership that contributes to systemic reform of science education in the region. Because of the potential importance of the partnership itself in this work, considerable effort has been spent analyzing existing research on educational partnerships and emerging NCOSP data relative to the findings reported in the literature. Here we describe the attributes of a developing K12-Higher Education partnership, identify the actions that contributed to its development, and define the impact of the partnership on the participating Higher Education faculty and Teacher Leaders. Our evidence North Cascades and Olympic Science Partnership suggests that stakeholders from both K12 and higher education recognize and describe a common set of attributes central to the partnership with some consensus on how those attributes were developed. In addition, the data suggests that the partnership includes a series of "subnetworks" that function in semi-independence of other sub-networks that coexist within the partnership as a whole."